As a Chakracise Instructor, you can have something to offer all age groups, fitness levels, and genders. Learn how to guide yourself and others through a body-mind-and-soul workout and discover All That Is You.

Chakracise Training teaches ancient tao, zen and yoga wisdom in the context of the modern world, adding what was missing from the teachings of that different time, re-adjusting it to what we need today.

You will learn about the chakras, meridians and aura, what has changed in this Age of Aquarius, and how to balance out female and male energies while boosting fitness, fun and meditative focus.

Chakracise can be practiced as group or personal sessions, in addition to or instead of yoga, in addition to or instead of your workout, in addition to or instead of your spiritual practice.

Whether trainer or dancer or neither, you are invited to find a place where you feel energized and joyful, and then do it for others! – Rita Harrison


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