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Grief and Healing Heartache — June 11, 2019
Tailored Sessions Made Just For You — June 9, 2019

Tailored Sessions Made Just For You

The aim of the Willow System treatment which was developed over the last 30 years in Germany by Rita Harrison, is to start your healing off at the point you are right now, seeking the deeper causes of the things you wish to work on and tailor solutions just for you.

It’s a holistic treatment based on the Physical, Mental, Emotional-Energetic, Systemic Family Therapy and Spiritual work.

No matter what you want to work on or your symptom is one thing is certain:

  • Nothing is really separate in you.
  • Everything comes together to make you “you”.

However, you are more often than not still treated & informed as if everything was separate.

Someone one takes care of your body, another only talks to you (coaching) & the next takes care of your family system & yet another tends to your spiritual needs & so on & so on.


The Willow System uses proven tried & tested techniques from many different areas to enable it to come to the point quickly.

Techniques such as:

  • Family Therapies Systemic interviewing
  • Lessons taken from the Family Constellation Therapy
  • Chakra, Aura & Meridian Diagnostics & Treatment
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.)
  • Therapeutic Bodywork (alternative medicine)
  • Craniosacral techniques / Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • Findings from the ancient teachings of yoga

Please note that a Willow System Practitioner is a specially trained & certified therapist working with the essence, or the common thread of these teachings. They are changed from the original by the combination to achieve a greater improvement to your health & wellbeing.

Are you feeling lost? — June 3, 2019

Are you feeling lost?

Are you feeling lost, uncertain and disconnected?

June Ahern once said “How hurtful it can be to deny one’s true self and live a life of lies just to appease others.”

A good place to start the journey back to fulfillment and happiness would be to stop trying to meet the inappropriate expectations of others, and to just be yourself.

If you’re aware of this, but don’t know what to do, we can help…

The Willow System is there to support you with individually tailored solutions.

You’ll get a deep understanding how to move on with tools that help you to take care of yourself without appearing self-centered, or arrogant.

Make an appointment for a Free Discovery Session to see if The Willow System is right for you…


Sessions Worldwide — June 2, 2019

Sessions Worldwide

Rita Harrison Gives Sessions Worldwide On Problems Such As:

  • Physical symptoms

    e.g. Pain in the spine, pain in the joints, pain in the head, jaw, hormonal disorders, immune deficiency, allergies, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, etc.
  • Emotional symptoms:

    e.g. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or being stuck in the flight or fight response.
  • Mental disorders:

    e.g. Learning disabilities, impaired concentration, self-sabotage, or being stuck with negative core belief patterns
  • Systemic family dynamic complaints:

    e.g. Abuse (physical, emotional or verbal), feelings of helplessness, feelings of guilt, partnership problems, or problems with children
  • Spiritual symptoms:

    e.g. Karmic problems, feelings of meaninglessness, blockades in performance (physical, mental, sexual, emotional, etc.), that might be related to anyone of your past lives.

Handling Disappointment

Building A Chosen Family — May 16, 2019
The Three Big B’s in Family Dynamics — April 28, 2019

The Three Big B’s in Family Dynamics

The Three Big B’s govern any and every kind of relationship in our life; whether we know it or not! Their history of trauma and drama, love and happiness, or injustice and chaos can cause problems with our health, emotional stability, focus and mental capacity, and let us make poor choices in our relationships, career and financially! … Just to mention a few…

So, when something in your life doesn’t make sense, it might not be yours in the first place… Read More

There’s also a great video of a man at one of Rita‘s session demos, where they work with Energetic Healing for Verbal and Physical Abuse… See it Here


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Are you addicted to negative emotions? — April 11, 2019

Are you addicted to negative emotions?

Dear Friends,

What kind of NEGATIVE EMOTION OR FEELING are you addicted to?

Maybe you are so used to having them, you don’t even know you do?

In this video Rita Harrison talks about this problem and offers some self-help solutions, and as always, if you need more help contact her for a free discovery session.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think.

#Feelings #Emotions #SelfHelp #Empowerment #Inspiration #Ideas #Thoughts
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Rita Harrison

Rita Harrison HPpt
Developer of The Willow System Treatment
Helping People Grow & Heal Since 1986


Self-Responsibility is REAL Freedom — February 21, 2019

Self-Responsibility is REAL Freedom

Dear Friends,

when something is too difficult to handle, it may not be your responsibility in the first place. In this video I share my very personal thoughts about how freeing and empowering self-responsibility can be.

Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

Love & Blessings,
Rita Harrison HPpt
Developer of the Willow System Treatment

Rita Harrison

Rita Harrison HPpt
Developer of The Willow System Treatment
Helping People Grow & Heal Since 1986


What Is Love? – Just A Thought — February 14, 2019
What Love Is, or Not… — January 31, 2019

What Love Is, or Not…

Do you sometimes think you have to protect yourself when it comes to love?
Do you catch yourself saying, love hurts?
But is it love that hurts or what it’s not…

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See on YouTube:

Rita Harrison

Rita Harrison HPpt
Developer of The Willow System Treatment
Helping People Grow & Heal Since 1986


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