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Let’s Talk Cancer Podcast. To Friends Family and Your Doctor — June 3, 2020

Let’s Talk Cancer Podcast. To Friends Family and Your Doctor


Let’s Talk about Cancer…
Health after Cancer is possible so here you’ll find lots of information to make it easier to talk with others about cancer like your friends, family, doctor, health care provider, etc.

Listen To The Podcast Here:

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Being Friends and Partners in a Relationship — May 21, 2020

Being Friends and Partners in a Relationship

This week in Rita’s thoughts revisited, she talks about how to improve your effectiveness in a relationship (romantic or otherwise). This her 7th thought video uploaded to YouTube on October 4, 2016 is called…
Being Friends and Partners in a Relationship
Check out: Rita’s exploration of the role of a valued friend within a relationship and how it’s a healthy and vital component of our well-being.


Love and Blessings,
Paul E Harrison Willow For You





Rita Harrison HPpt
January 1965 – March 2020

Developer of The Willow System Treatments


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Families, Friends, Partners & Relationships — June 12, 2019

Families, Friends, Partners & Relationships

Anthony Liccione once said “A tree stands strong not by its fruits or branches, but by the depth of its roots.”

So a connection to your roots is important, but contact, or a sit down personal confrontation is not always nessersery. Yes I know this goes against popular belief & the things many people have said in your past, but it’s true & we can show you!

The Willow System is an unique combination of family constellation, systemic interviewing & muscle testing that leads precisely to the core issues, immediately transforms them into powerful solutions.

What you can expect…

  • Most people feel lighter, as if the burdens they’ve carried all their lives have fallen from their shoulders.
  • They see where their rightful place is in the system & can now act accordingly, instead of just reacting.
  • People can use the conflicts & trauma that are now resolved as a resource for a lighter & more powerful future.
  • When the deeper balance in the system (family etc.) has been restored, love & respect can be felt again!


The Willow System

Here is an overview of this highly effective system that has long-term & often a life changing impact:

  • Uncovering & interrupting the root causes of misunderstandings & conflicts in relationships (family, partner, work etc.)
  • Coping with the anger of betrayal (cheating), break up, separation or divorce
  • Dealing with the effects of emotional & physical abuse in relationships, verbally abusive relationships, mentally abusive relationships & domestic violence
  • Breaking free from subconscious entanglements that lead to dysfunctional relationship choices
  • End frozen cycles of trauma, abuse, alienation, disconnection, dysfunction, poverty or misfortune
  • Overcome parenting challenges & painful family history, for example divorce, abortion, miscarriage, infertility, adoption, custody battles, single parenthood & more…
  • Breaking through physical suffering resulting in chronic health issues such as: migraines, allergies, eating disorders, drugs & alcohol addiction, chronic back pain
  • Breaking through emotional suffering resulting in chronic health issues such as: suicidal tendencies, anxiety, phobias, depression
  • Gain insights into the things that are holding one back in life, where recurrent conflicts come from & what to do to overcome these obstacles, to achieve any kind of personal fulfillment
  • Dealing with end-of-life issues such as: death, grief & loss
  • Restoring balance in a system (family, partnership, work etc.) by revealing & changing the hidden destructive dynamics
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