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My Stuff Explained By Dear Rita

Do you know what The Willow System is Exactly? Well to start with you can create self-empowering shifts in you body, mind and soul… Ya I know, it sounds a little WOW WOW, but you can…

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Dear Rita
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Healthy Juicy Burger – — November 14, 2018

Healthy Juicy Burger –

Did you know that for blood group O folks healthy food is a juicy burger? We’re talking quality ingredients not fast food.

So find a bun (if you want one) made with love!

  • Beef,
  • Lamb,
  • Buffalo,
  • Venison,

…are all great choices, and a side salad of romaine or kale would top things off nicely!

Get Your INP and find out what’s good for you:

INP: individualized nutrition plans

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Nutritionist Training at INP.Life

Consider Your Mood – — November 13, 2018

Consider Your Mood –

Considering your moods is important when deciding what to eat. If you’re irritable, eat cooling, non-spicy foods to keep heat from building up in your body, improve metabolism, and reduce stress on your immune system.

Read more about INP here:


First Posted on INP Life on Facebook. Please Like us while you’re there. Thank you!

Did you see this post “Feeling Sluggish?

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