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How Much Do You Really Need? — August 13, 2020

How Much Do You Really Need?


Dear Friends,


Rita’s 19th thought video talks about how we seem to spend way to much effort, time and money in accumulating STUFF. It was uploaded to YouTube on February 1, 2017 and talks about how in so doing (accumulating STUFF) we put ourselves under so much stress, with mostly hurt and suffering as a consequence. Rita called it…
How Much Do You Really Need?
Check it out: You’ll find out how to become lighter.
Love and Blessings,
Paul E HarrisonWillow For You
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Rita Harrison HPpt
January 1965 – March 2020

Developer of The Willow System Treatments, INP and AYM

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Do you sometimes think you have to protect yourself when it comes to love?
Do you catch yourself saying, love hurts?
But is it love that hurts or what it’s not…

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Rita Harrison

Rita Harrison HPpt
Developer of The Willow System Treatment
Helping People Grow & Heal Since 1986


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