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Personal Crisis and Relationship Rescue — April 14, 2020

Personal Crisis and Relationship Rescue

Healing by storytelling and painting mental images so you can simply see and feel what you want before you even venture out to make it happen. Read More

There’s No Such Thing as Can’t.

For an appointment contact:
Paul +1 (562) 533 – 3962,
or email i n f o @ w i l l o w 4 u . c o m




Thoughts Revisited — April 8, 2020

Thoughts Revisited

Rita did a lot of videos where she talks to you directly, her thoughts for Thursday. I needed her to talk to me again and for those of you who miss her voice, join willow4u’s newsletter, because tomorrow (April 9th) I’m sending out and revisiting her thoughts every Thursday.

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Paul E Harrison
Willow System Relationship & Personal Crisis Rescue Practitioner


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Rita Harrison HPpt
January 1965 – March 2020

Developer of The Willow System Treatments


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