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Thank You For Wonderful Reasons To Smile And Be Thankful — July 9, 2020

Thank You For Wonderful Reasons To Smile And Be Thankful

Rita’s 14th thought video is a big, BIG Thank You to you and was uploaded to YouTube on December 8, 2016 and talks about her personal thoughts on what made her smile and be thankful. It’s called…
Thank You For…
Wonderful Reasons To Smile And Be Thankful
Check out: How Rita hoped this would inspire you to contemplate your very own “I’m Thankful” list.
Love and Blessings,
Paul E HarrisonWillow For You
P.S. A big shout-out to all of you whose donations are helping to making this work possible.


Rita Harrison HPpt
January 1965 – March 2020

Developer of The Willow System Treatments


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